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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How long does it take to activate my account?
A. All accounts are activated instantly. Upon successful payment transaction, you should receive a welcome e-mail from us within 30 seconds.

Q. What DotNetNuke version can I run?
A. Any. We provide a hosting environment that is suitable for any DotNetNuke version.

Q. I have existing DotNetNuke site with another provider. How do I transfer it to ihostasp.net?
A. We can help you transfer your DNN site. Read transfer procedures in this KB article.

Q. Do you allow customers to upload and install custom DotNetNuke modules?
A. Yes. You can upload any module/skin/theme you want.

Q. Do you provide a backup service for DNN?
A. Absolutely! All files and databases are backed up to an off site backup server. We also retain all backups for 15 days. If your site or databases become corrupt due to a buggy module or skin, we can restore it for you as if nothing ever happened.

Q. Can I use other web applications besides DNN?
A. Yes. You can run any combination of ASP.NET 1.1/2.0/3.5, ASP Classic, or PHP at the same time.

Q. I have a domain name, but do not want to transfer it to your servers until my site has been completely transferred. Do I have access to the site before it is live?
A. Yes. In the control panel you can enable pre-propagation support that will issue you a temporary URL to access your site. Please read more about domain pre-propagation support here

Q. Do you provide site statistics?
A. Yes. You can enable advanced statistics for each hosted domain. We use SmarterStats Pro 3. You can find more details on SmarterStats here.

Q. I am looking at creating websites for communities with DotNetNuke. I am not that familiar with it yet, but it looks to be a very impressive portal solution. What do you mean when you say parent portals and child portals?
A. DNN architecture allows multiple portals to be hosted using the same code and database. The parent portals can act as completely separate websites with their own domain name, or as sub-domains and folders. Each parent portal acts as an independent site and can have its own skin and theme settings. Also, you can delegate administrative control over parent portals to other administrators. The child portal is generally a subset of a parent portal, the url structure usually contains parent portal domain name with a child portal name set as a sub-folder ex. www.parentportal.com/child_portal

Q. Is there any cost for transferring the domain name to ihostasp.net?
A. If you manage your domain and update DNS settings by yourself, then there are no extra costs involved for the domain transfer. Take a look at our KB articles here for transfer information. We can also provide an automated domain transfer and management service. If you select this option, your domain will be moved to our registrar and will automatically renew for one year. In this case, there is an annual $10.95 renewal charge.

Q. Can you folks install DotNetNuke for me so that it is ready to use?
A. Absolutely. Once you sign up for a DNN hosting plan, create a domain in Helm control panel and let us know which DNN version you want by opening a support ticket. We will install and configure any version of DotNetNuke upon your request.

Q. How can I be sure your service is not poor?
A. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you decide to cancel your hosting account with us with in first 30 days of registration, we will refund you your entire hosting fee. Please note we cannot refund domain registrations and renewals.

Q. What is the difference between child and parent portals?
A. In the DotNetNuke world parent portal has it's own domain name such as www.example.com or department.example.com. The child portal is similar in functionality for the exception of the URL, it will appear as a sub folder of the parent portal, ex. www.example.com/MyChildPortal/

Q. What is DNN instance?
A. By DNN instance we refer to a single DotNetNuke installation (ASP.NET code & MSSQL database) that is completely independent from any other DNN portals and under full customer control including code, database, and any other custom features.

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