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7 Great Reasons to Choose IHostASP.NET DNN Hosting


1. Value

Compare our DotNetNuke hosting plans to competing offers. It won't take long to see IHost outperforms them at every turn: performance, disk quotas, bandwidth allocation, databases, security, control panel features, e-mail services, real-time stats, and customer service.


2. Service

At IHost, we live the ASP/MSSQL developer experience. We understand the intricacies of developing, configuring, and running critical applications like e-commerce, web portals, content management systems, message forums, and intranets. As such, we deliver the kind of customer service you need and expect from a DNN hosting service.


3. Security

Your data is safe with us. Our multi-tier security system includes redundant fiber uplinks, bandwidth providers that handle large DDOS attacks, a perimeter firewall, multilevel spam filters, and virus scanners. We take every precaution to ensure security for you and your clients


4. Performance

Our years of experience running IIS-based server systems means we know what it takes to operate stable, secure, responsive servers. We don't settle for mediocre hardware in the interest of saving money.


5. Uptime

Despite competitor claims, few DNN hosting vendors understand how to plan for disaster recovery. Servers, like any other equipment, fail. IHost knows has implemented a solid disaster recovery plan.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • We employ RAID technology on all servers; we can hot-swap failed hard drives without powering down servers.
  • We back up your data off site every day, with a minimum 15-day retention. This means your data is safe from hackers or catastrophic events like fires or flood. In minutes, we can restore an entire server or individual files, providing you a security blanket in case of corruption or malicious attack.
  • We perform proactive maintenance and testing to detect impeding problems and address them before they cause downtime.


6. Features

We pack many useful features into the price of our DNN hosting services. Our control panel, web mail, and statistics services are examples of the handpicked technology we provide to give you the most comprehensive array of DotNetNuke features available.


7. Commitment to Excellence

We're here to help you succeed. Our approach: happy customers are loyal customers. We're so certain you'll realize the value of our DNN service and become a loyal customer that if you decide to cancel within the first 30 days, we'll refund your money-no questions asked. What are you waiting for? Give your site a boost!

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