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DotNetNuke Hosting Options

   IHostASP.NET has painstakingly designed the following plans to accommodate both professional and amateur DNN enthusiasts. Fully scalable, our packages offer the highest flexibility and value in DNN hosting.
  • DotNetNuke-optimized network and servers
  • High application performance and stability
  • DNN community focused
  • Proven track record
   Join the thousands of satisfied IHostASP.NET customers by choosing the DNN hosting plan that is right for you.

  DotNetNuke Standard Hosting Plan DotNetNuke Developer Hosting Plan DotNetNuke Professional Hosting Plan
Monthly Cost $8.45 $16.45 $26.45
Setup Fee Free Free Free
DotNetNuke Specific Features
Click here to read more.Instant Deployment Yes Yes Yes
You can instantly deploy DNN using application packs right from with in the control panel. It is no longer necessary to manually upload files and configure settings. You DNN portal can be easily deployed and configured with in minutes.
Click here to read more.Supported Versions All All All
All DNN versions are supported. We have customers running DNN portals ranging from version 1.x to the most recently released. Our proprietary Web Application Deployment Engine can install any DNN version ranging from 3.1.0 to the most recently published.
Click here to read more.Module Compatibility All All All
We do not restrict the type of DNN modules you can run. ASP.NET is configured to run in FULL TRUST thus allowing you to have the best third party module compatibility possible.
Click here to read more.Maximum number of code/database DNN instances. 1 3 6
DNN instances represent physical DotNetNuke installations. In another words by saying six instances, we mean that you can actually have six completely independent DNN installations with each having it's own MSSQL database and code.
Click here to read more.Maximum number of parent portals 20 60 100
Parent portals are virtual web sites with in the DotNetNuke. Each parent portal can have a unique domain name and act and look as completely independent site from other portals.
Click here to read more.Maximum number of child portals Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Child portals are typically a subset of the parent portal. Child portal cannot have a unique domain name as pert of it's portal alias and uses www.parent.com/child type of URL.
Web Server Features
Monthly Transfer Quota 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Storage Quota 800 MB 2400 MB 4800 MB
Click here to read more.Domain Aliases (a.k.a parent portals) 20 60 120
Domain aliases are used to attach additional domains to the hosted domain. This feature is critical for users that setup multiple DNN portals with in the same DotNetNuke installation instance.
Click here to read more.Helm Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Helm control panel provides you with a feature rich set of easy to use tools to manage every aspect of your hosting needs.
Click here to read more.Sub Domains (subdomain.domain.com) 25 60 100
The sub-domain feature is very useful in cases when you need to run other web applications from with in the same domain without interfering with the DNN installation you have in the root. Some users deploy PHP applications that supplements the functionality not yet found in the DotNetNuke.
Click here to read more.Password Protected Folders Yes Yes Yes
Easily protect sections of your web site by creating password protected folders. You have full control over users and groups of users and are able to set access permission to any folder with in your webroot.
Click here to read more.Custom Server Error Pages Yes Yes Yes
Setup your custom error pages to replace default HTTP errors. This feature is very useful for search engine optimization, it allow you to gracefully redirect users to another page in case of mistyped URL or any other server error.
Click here to read more.Custom MIME Type Editor Yes Yes Yes
Control server/client behavior when dealing with various types of content and files stored in your site.
Click here to read more.DNS Zone Editor Yes Yes Yes
Manage your DNS zone, this feature allow you to create an modify DNS records for your domain.
Click here to read more.Built-in Web File Manager Yes Yes Yes
Web based file manager tool that allows access to the file system without the need to use FTP client to create/modify/delete files and folders with in your web root.
Click here to read more.FTP Access Yes Yes Yes
Complete control over your files using FTP service. Furthermore you have ability to create and manage unlimited amount of FTP accounts using the control panel. You can control the access level of each FTP account and lock down access to a specific folder. This is especially useful for site owners who hire various developers to work on their sites, this feature can be leveraged to restrict access to a specific folder with in your web root.
Supported Programming Languages
ASP 3.0 Yes Yes Yes
Click here to read more.ASP.NET 1.1 Yes Yes Yes
Each domain is configured to run in a dedicated application pool, this isolates your ASP.NET process from the others and provides greater stability and security for your applications. The ASP.NET is configured to run in FULL TRUST for greater compatibility.
Click here to read more.ASP.NET 2.0 Yes Yes Yes
Each domain is configured to run in a dedicated application pool, this isolates your ASP.NET process from the others and provides greater stability and security for your applications. The ASP.NET is configured to run in FULL TRUST for greater compatibility.
PHP 5.x Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Yes Yes Yes
Click here to read more.Virtual Directories Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Virtual directories can be used to mask file tree structure from the URL. They are also used to create application roots to run several different types of web applications with in same domain.
Click here to read more.Visual Studio 2002/2003/2005 Yes Yes Yes
Deploy your projects using the same tool set used to develop them. All Visual studio versions including the Web matrix and express editions can be configured to publish projects directly to our server.
Database Features
Number of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Databases 1 3 6
Number of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Databases 1 3 6
Number of Microsoft Access 2000/XP Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of MySQL 4 Databases 3 6 12
Number of MySQL 5 Databases 3 6 12
ODBC DSNs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Click here to read more.Dedicated MSSQL 2000 Server Yes Yes Yes
Database servers are running on dedicated quad Intel Xeon servers for optimal performance.
Click here to read more.Dedicated MSSQL 2005 Server Yes Yes Yes
Database servers are running on dedicated quad Intel Xeon servers for optimal performance.
MySQL - Web Based phpMyAdmin Yes Yes Yes
MSSQL - Web Based ASP Enterprise Manager Yes Yes Yes
Click here to read more.MSSQL - Enterprise Manager & Query Analyzer Access Yes Yes Yes
Access your MSSQL databases using the tools you know. After completing simple IP white listing procedure, you will have access to all your MSSQL databases.
Click here to read more.Downloadable Daily Backups Yes Yes Yes
Backups of all your databases are automatically compressed and stored in the /backups folder. Each backup file is clearly labeled and is available to download via FTP at a moments notice. This feature is useful for developers that wan to keep always up to date copy of their web application in their development environment.
Email Features
Click here to read more.POP3 Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Store as much mail as you need, we do not hard cap your domain mail storage or individual mailbox. Your mail storage size utilizes the disk space you have purchased with your hosting plan, additional disk space can always be purchased as needed.
Click here to read more.E-Mail Address Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mail aliases act just like normal POP3 mailbox except the inbound mail is stored in another POP3 mail box. They are perfect for creating anonymous e-mail address variations of your main mailbox without disclosing the mailbox address.
Click here to read more.SPAM Filtering Yes Yes Yes
All inbound mail is processed through a multistage spam filter. Senders are compared against several well known black lists and content is passed through the Bayesian filter. Each mailbox user can adjust server site spam filter rules and set actions and sensitivity levels for his/her mail box.
Click here to read more.Webmail Access Yes Yes Yes
Each POP account can be accessed using the web mail interface. All users need, is the web browser to send/receive e-mail from anywhere. Furthermore, the web mail can be reached using your own domain name ex. http://mail.yourdomain.com
Click here to read more.IMAP4 Yes Yes Yes
IMAP4 protocol can be used to access your inbox from a mobile device or many different types of mail clients.
Click here to read more.SMTP Yes Yes Yes
SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, you can use this service to send outbound e-mail from your e-mail client or from with in web applications hosted on our servers. In addition to the standard SMTP port 25 we our servers are configured to listen on port 825 to bypass ISP port blocking.
Click here to read more.LDAP Server Yes Yes Yes
The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) works hand in hand with the Global Address List (GAL) to act as a gateway for MS Outlook and other applications to access addresses and user information. LDAP and GAL access and permissions are set by the System Administrator.
Click here to read more.Global Address List (GAL) Yes Yes Yes
Domain Administrators have the flexibility to allow users to view the Global Address List (GAL); displaying all email address and users on the email domain. The GAL also adds increased functionality to the Auto-complete features of SmarterMail; allowing users to type partial names and email addresses in the address fields and be offered selections for auto-completion. Small business users will find that the use of the GAL and Auto-complete features will speed communications and reduce the number of misdirected emails dues to mis-addressed emails.
Click here to read more.Shared Email Folders Yes Yes Yes
Allow multiple users to view and share email folders. Administrators and account owners can select “Read and Write” or “Read Only” permissions for other users on the domain.
Click here to read more.Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook Yes Yes Yes
Included with the Enterprise Edition of SmarterMail is SmarterMail Sync for Outlook. Improve the efficiency of each user by synchronizing all of their contacts, appointments, tasks, and notes with Microsoft Outlook. SmarterMail Sync must be installed first before the synchronization can take effect and is located within the SmarterMail interface under the Settings menu.
Click here to read more.Add Contacts to Microsoft Outlook Yes Yes Yes
In addition to the SmarterMail Sync feature, SmarterMail Enterprise Edition also has an Add to Outlook button seen in the My Contacts section of the Web interface. Once selected, SmarterMail will create a Read-Only folder within Outlook that mirrors all of your SmarterMail contacts. In order for this feature to function correctly, the user must be running Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later.
Click here to read more.Synchronize with Pocket PC 2005 or SmartPhone Yes Yes Yes
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition now includes SmarterMail Sync for SmartPhones running Windows Mobile 5 operating system. Synchronize all your contacts, appointments, and tasks via your SmartPhone. SmarterMail Sync for SmartPhones is located within the Web interface under the Settings menu.
Click here to read more.MRA (Multi Recipient Address) Optional Optional Optional
The MRA Multiple Recipient Address list creates an e-mail distribution list (a.k.a mailing list) to which you can simply send one e-mail message and it will be automatically re-broadcast it to all members. This feature saves time because you do not have to wait for each individual message to be uploaded to the SMTP server and does not use CC: or BCC: fields.
Statistics Features
Click here to read more.Raw Logs Yes Yes Yes
Download raw IIS log files and use your own log analyzer and reporting tools to generate site statistics.
Click here to read more.SmarterStats Yes Yes Yes
Analyze traffic patterns, search engine keywords used to reach your site, plot and chart trends and track your SEO progress using over 200 different types of statistics reports.
Additional Services
Domain Registration/Renewal $12.95 per domain annually for standard .com, .net, .org, .info, .cc, .biz domains.
SSL Certificate $34.95 per year, this includes SSL certificate, dedicated IP address, and installation service.
Dedicated IP Address $4.95 per month. Please note: dedicated IP can only be issued for use in conjunction with SSL per ICANN IP justification rules.
Rent An Admin $25 per hour. Having trouble with your DNN site? We offer extra expert help beyond the quality service and support included in your agreement.
Windows Server System Microsoft SQL Server 2000 ASP.NET 1.1 Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 PHP Version 5.0 MySQL 4 Hosting
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