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Customer Testimonials & Feedback

We are constantly receiving valuable feedback from our customers. Your feedback is very important to us. We strive to continuously improve our hosting service and support in order to provide better experience and value to our customers. Here are some of the feedback messages that were sent to us. If you would like your feedback published here, please contact us.

Thank you for great service, I appreciate help transferring and upgrading our DNN site.

Anna Belova

Your hosting service has been great. We have 42 DNN installations hosted with you and to date no provider is offering service and low cost ihostasp.net has.


You guys are the BEST!!! Just wanted to write you a quick message and thank Clint and others who helped me out with my client's site.

Andrew D.

Our previous host was charging us 4x what we pay for your hosting service. I'm glad we have tried your service as we were looking for more affordable DNN hosting options to host my clients.


Really, you guys ROCK! I was working with another hosting company and you guys are so freaking great! Clint (the phone guy is awesome too). No need to respond, just figured if you had a place where you put client compliments on your site, you could use this.


Your dotnetnuke hosting prices are awesome. I'm a designer and often end up needing to host my clients. Using your service I can remain competitive and offer great hosting service using your reseller plans.


Hey, I just wanted to say thanks to whoever helped us out last night. Our client is very happy that you were able to restore his site from a backup and get him going before the deadline on Monday. Again, thank you, I was stumped and you saved me hours of debugging on Sunday night.

Jim Masterson

I just transferred three of my DNN sites to you from the "other" provider. I only wish I have done this sooner, they charge me $50 per month for essentially the same service.


I have been hosting with you 3 years now. Despite occasional issues probably caused by me tinkering with all the settings, I can honestly say your service is best value for the money. I don't know how many times I have requested backups restored after messing up something, you guys were always able to get me going again.

Aban Huraa

Simply awesome support!!! Hey Clint if you are reading this, thanks man you bailed me out. Ihost customer support is great. I would never expect to have someone actually know what they are doing to help me considering I'm spending less than $10 per month.


Just wanted to say THANKS! I hope you guys can post my testimonial on your site, I'm writing you to let everyone know how great your hosting and support service.

Tina S.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a great job your staff did on one of my website moves (the very last one!!). I wasn't going to move this site because it is such a large site and the clients have been very difficult to deal with so... I didn't want to chance an issue by moving it. Well, as of Wednesday night of last week we realized it was down and there was a compilation error. So, my previous host (GoDaddy) couldn't do anything to help me. I decided then to make the move and hope your staff could help. I got the site backed up and uploaded Thursday afternoon. As of yesterday afternoon the site was back up and running - with some back and forth between us and your staff. It is now 11:15 pm and I just finished rebuilding the links that didn't move. When it comes down to it I had about 4 or 5 hours of repairing this site instead of days or weeks of rebuilding it. I greatly appreciate all the hard work your staff has put in on all of my website moves not just this one but, especially this one because of the issues we had. I feel you and your staff deserve a great big thank you and I wanted to make sure you knew how this impacted me. Once again THANK YOU!!

Dee Mock - Technology Workgroup
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